Consulting firm specializing in the fields of geothermal reservoir engineering, surface water hydrology, groundwater resource management, air quality and environmental modelling

About Vatnaskil

Vatnaskil is an engineering consulting firm founded in 1982, with headquarters in Reykjavík, Iceland and a branch office in Akureyri in northern Iceland. The firm provides specialized consultancy regarding nearly all components of our physical environment, including deep geothermal reservoirs, shallow groundwater, surface waters and the atmosphere. Our expertise lies in developing conceptual and computational models of these systems and applying them to solve issues related to resource development and management, urban planning and structural design, health and the environment.

About Vatnaskil


Vatnaskil offers consultancy in the following fields based on over three decades of knowledge and experience

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Reykjanes high-temperature fields, Iceland

Karahnjukar Hydroelectric Project, Iceland

Watershed management of Greater Reykjavik Area, Iceland

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Our Clients

Our client base consists of a variety of companies in the energy, utilities, industrial and governmental sectors. Vatnaskil has over three decades of experience serving Icelandic as well as international clients on projects around the globe.