Surface Water

Surface Water Services

Vatnaskil has a strong background in surface water hydraulics and has provided consulting services in the field for over three decades. Our specialists are trained to solve problems regarding flow in rivers, lakes and reservoirs for a wide range of environmental and water resources management issues, including sediment transport and deposition in lakes and reservoirs and overland flood risk assessment. Both in-house numerical modelling software (AQUASEA) and other proprietary software are used to simulate natural systems.

Services include

Water quality
Flood risk assessment
Heat pump systems
Sediment transport and deposition

verkefni Markarfljot video
Simulation of outburst flood (jökulhlaup) from Eyjafjallajökull glacier

Featured Projects

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Flood risk modelling in Markarfljót, Iceland

Lake circulation and sediment transport in Lake Mývatn, Iceland

Heat transport in River Clyde, Scotland