Vatnaskil is an engineering consulting firm founded in 1982, with headquarters in Reykjavík, Iceland and a branch office in Akureyri in northern Iceland. The firm provides specialized consultancy regarding nearly all components of our physical environment, including deep geothermal reservoirs, shallow groundwater, surface waters and the atmosphere. Our expertise lies in developing conceptual and computational models of these systems and applying them to solve issues related to resource development and management, urban planning and structural design, health and the environment.

Our strength is rooted in the experience of our team of specialists, who possess diverse academic backgrounds within the physical sciences, engineering and computer programming. In addition to consulting experience, company specialists also have years of experience teaching at the Engineering Department at the University of Iceland, the United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme (UNU-GTP) in Iceland, and at various seminars and training courses around the world.


Vatnaskil is a company committed to excellence and providing high quality, comprehensive and efficient services. Our relatively small size and effective communication skills enable us to provide our clients with a high level of responsiveness and flexibility.