Environment Services

Since Vatnaskil was established in 1982, environmental awareness has increased significantly, resulting in higher environmental standards and a strengthening of regulations and monitoring programs.  Environmental impact assessment has become an important factor in the regulatory process.

For over three decades, Vatnaskil has provided consulting services contributing to a wide variety of environmental impact assessments. These services have included modelling air dispersion, surface water flow and groundwater flow to predict environmental impacts from a wide range of anthropogenic sources, including effluent from waste water utilities, accidental release of hazardous materials in the environment, operation of geothermal and hydroelectric power plants, waste discharge from aluminium smelters and other industrial sources, construction of infrastructure and climate change.

Services include

Environmental impact from utilities
Infrastructure and industry
Gas production from landfills
Contamination from oil and gas production
Oil spills
Risk management and mitigation design
Environmental protection

Featured Projects

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Heat transport in shallow aquifer at Mosfellsheiði, Iceland

Air dispersion modelling at Carrow Works industrial site, England

Contaminant transport - Sandskeiðslína electric transmission line, Iceland