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Air Quality Services

Vatnaskil has decades of experience consulting on air quality related projects. Specific services provided by Vatnaskil include modelling of air pollution from industries and geothermal power plants, calculation of dust transport and simulation of traffic pollution.

The company has the knowledge and experience to solve a wide range of pollution tasks in the most effective manner. Short-range industrial dispersion can be modelled using relatively simple models, while more complicated problems involving the effects of near-source buildings require the use of additional model extensions. Long-range transport is solved using more developed methods that utilize weather models and weather observations from multiple surface weather stations. Vatnaskil utilizes software that is recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency, including Aermod and Calpuff. Moreover, Vatnaskil specialists have developed their own models to simulate natural dust entrainment and subsequent transport by wind.

Services include

Air pollution from industries and power plants (gas, particles, odor)
Transport of dust
Traffic pollution

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