Vatnaskil has developed a wide range of conceptual and computational models in response to challenges faced within the company’s fields of expertise. The company utilizes its own proprietary modelling software as well as numerous other leading software packages, including TOUGH2/iTOUGH2, MIKE21 and CALPUFF. Through a MoU with the Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at the University of Berkeley, Vatnaskil has been involved in further development of the TOUGH2 modelling code, specifically the numerical implementation of anisotropy (paper published in Computers and Geosciences, Volume 65, April 2014, pp. 37-45).

The following proprietary modelling software have been developed and continually updated by Vatnaskil since its founding in 1982. Both Aqua3D and AquaSea have been sold worldwide since 1997 and have been successfully used on a broad range of modelling problems.

Aqua3D – finite-element numerical modelling software used to solve three-dimensional groundwater flow and transport for both homogeneous, isotropic aquifers and inhomogeneous, anisotropic aquifers.

AquaSea – finite-element numerical modelling software used to solve surface water flow and transport of mass, heat and suspended sediments.

SURFED – numerical surface runoff modelling software used to simulate major surface water processes and the movement of water in the unsaturated zone. Several versions of the software have been developed in order to adapt it to site-specific hydrological conditions (e.g., accumulation and melting of glacial ice, enhanced evapotranspiration in wetlands).