Hraunfossar - example of groundwater runoff

Vatnaskil has over 25 years of groundwater modelling experience in Iceland and abroad. We provide consulting services to water supply utilities, electric utilities, municipalities and industries. Our specialists have designed groundwater models for use in a wide range of projects relating to watershed management, wellhead protection and contaminant transport. Our groundwater models are often an important tool in environmental impact studies regarding geothermal and hydroelectric power plants as well as land use and development projects.

Our expertise in the field of surface water and groundwater hydrology along with our strong background in groundwater modelling allows us to develop and utilize our own modelling software. Vatnaskil has developed the AQUAFLOW modelling software package which consists of SURF, a rainfall-runoff model and AQUA3D, a three-dimensional groundwater model.

Example projects:

  • The greater Reykjavik area groundwater model – Reykjavík
  • Groundwater model of Northeast Iceland – Landsvirkjun Power
  • The Reykjanes groundwater model, annual update – Hitaveita Sudurnesja public utility
  • Natural state groundwater model for Hálslón reservoir – Landsvirkjun Power