Vatnaskil has a strong background in surface water hydraulics and has provided consulting services in the field for over two decades. Our specialists are trained to solve problems regarding flow in rivers, lake circulation, tidal flow and overland floods.

Vatnaskil has developed Aquasea, a finite-element numerical model used to solve surface water flow and transport. Aquasea has been used to calculate sedimentation in reservoirs, effects of road/bridge construction on tidal flow in estuaries, and transport of pollutants from wastewater outlets and industrial sources.

Example projects:

  • Calculation of tidal flow in Hornafjörður estuary - The Icelandic Road Administration
  • Tidal model for construction of road across Ellidaarvogur estuary – City of Reykjavik
  • Prediction of jökulhlaup (subglacial outburst flood) from the Entujökull glacier – Civil Protection Department of the Icelandic Police
  • Sediment accumulation in the Hálslón reservoir – Landsvirkjun
  • Lake circulation and sediment transport in Lake Mývatn – Kísiliðjan diatomite plant