Since Vatnaskil was established in 1982, environmental awareness has increased significantly, resulting in higher environmental standards and a strengthening of regulation and monitoring programs.  Environmental impact assessment had become an important tool in the regulatory process.

For over two decades, Vatnaskil has provided consulting services that have formed the backbone of a wide variety of environmental impact assessments. These services have included modelling air dispersion, surface water flow and groundwater flow to determine environmental impacts of geothermal and hydroelectric power plants, aluminium smelters and various construction projects.

Example projects:

  • Dispersion of pollutants in groundwater from a proposed geothermal plant at Theistareykir – Landsvirkjun and Þeistareykir ehf.
  • Surface water and groundwater model regarding the geothermal power plant at Hellisheiði – Reykjavik Energy.
  • Spreading of pollutants in the sea from the wet scrubbers of a proposed aluminium smelter at Helguvik – Norðurál.
  • Dispersion of pollutants in the sea from a proposed sewage outlet at Akranes – Reykjavik Energy.
  • Calculation of wind erosion on the banks of the Hálslón reservoir – Landsvirkjun.